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How to Discover Your Style in College

How to Discover Your Style in College - Discovering Your Style in College - College Fashion //ew & pt

I hate that question, “How would you describe your style?” No one’s ever asked me it (besides quizzes from BuzzFeed and Seventeen magazine), but it always throws me off. Um…stuff I like? A lot of black? Comfortable clothes but also clothes that aren’t comfortable? For the most part, I know my style and I know that discovering your style in college isn’t always easy. Personally, I don’t think style can be summed up in just a few words. It’s a journey.

Hell, going into freshman year I had bought so many things I’d always wanted to wear and never did. I was all “Hey! I’m going to redefine my style entirely!” buuuut I ended up wearing almost the same things I always wore. Not because I wasn’t confident enough to wear the new things, just because I’d realized that what I liked wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to wear. I’m a senior now and I know better. My style is more flushed out. Without further ado, here’s how to really hone in on your style while in college (or even after).

Pssst…While on your journey to discover your style, definitely take note of my post How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wardrobe. Pinterest is pretty handy while trying to discover your style in college.

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The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Wardrobe

The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Wardrobe - Minimalist Wardrobe - Cleaning Out Wardrobe - ew & pt

I love how most of the posts I write on here are essentially me just giving advice to me while also giving this advice to others. Anyone who knows me that reads this is probably like, “Paige. You’re the worst wardrobe hoarder I know. Your closet bleeds cotton and your drawers won’t even close. How the hell are you writing a post about this?”

Great point. I see you. I hear you. The thing is, I know what I’m doing wrong and I know how to not hoard my wardrobe. This weekend I threw away twenty bottles of nail polish and I’m on a HIGH, people. I’m feeling motivated to minimize my life. I keep jokingly announcing to everyone that I’m becoming a minimalist but I’m lowkey serious. This is the next step.

I’m not preaching to you, I’m here with you. Let’s do this together. Let’s stop hoarding clothes. Let’s get into decluttering your wardrobe (and mine).

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My New York Fashion Week Experience

new york fashion week sherri hill
So I went to a show at New York Fashion Week. I’m still in shock. Granted, I wasn’t quite esteemed enough to have a seat, but I did get to attend an incredible fashion show as press. I’d stand in heels for an hour any day if it meant getting to witness the magic of a runway.

I attended the Sherri Hill Fall 2017 show and if her name sounds familiar it’s because you most definitely drooled over her gowns when you were shopping for prom. My prom Pinterest board was flooded with Sherri Hill’s dresses and although I couldn’t quite splurge, I was happy to be fawning over them. Even now, as a college student who can even less so afford the dresses, I’m still just as happy to be admiring them.

I covered the event for a media company and was lucky enough to bring along my main blog photographer (and best friend!). Everything in the show looked incredibly dazzling and sparkly and I was almost blinded. Aside from death and taxes, one thing in life is sure: Nothing sparkles quite like a Sherri Hill gown under spotlights. 

Now, I’m not sure if this applies to every show at NYFW but this is what I learned from this particular experience.

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Guide to Actually Using Pinterest To Plan Your Wardrobe

Guide to Actually Using Pinterest To Plan Your Wardrobe - How to Use Pinterest to Form Your Style // ew & pt

Is anyone else absolutely addicted to Pinterest? I definitely am. I have a board for everything but some of my favorite boards are my clothesshoes, and accessory boards. Although I pin dozens of things on these, I don’t think I actually use Pinterest to plan my wardrobe. While my Pinterest boards display gorgeous baby pink dresses and stilettos, I find myself still wearing my favorite sweaters in rotation, black leggings and my most-worn boots.

I’m in a bit of a fashion rut and maybe you are, too. Or maybe you just want to take your style to the next level. So, pull open your Pinterest and let’s get started. Here’s how to use Pinterest to plan your wardrobe.

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