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How to Be More Informed

How to Be More Informed - Staying in the Loop // How to Keep up with the news - eyeliner wings & pretty things

My journalism professors always emphasize the same thing, regardless of which course they’re teaching. They emphasize how crucial it is to stay in the loop and how it’s important to be more informed about what’s happening in the world. Being in college has made me even more aware of how much is happening in the world and I’m more informed than I’ve ever been.

Being informed doesn’t have to be boring. Plus, being informed can also entail staying in the loop about things that interest you, like the moms fromĀ Teen Mom 2 or even your next travel destination.

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How to Be More Grateful

How to Be More Grateful - Expressing Gratitude - eyeliner wings & pretty things

A lot of these posts tend to start and end with making a gratitude journal, but I can’t say that’s worked for me. I mean, just the idea of staring at a blank page and trying to list off things that I like and feel grateful for is difficult. Staring at any blank page can be difficult.

But, there are other ways to express gratitude and remember to be grateful. Some of these ways are so simple, you’ll probably forget they’re helping you be more grateful.

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How to Eliminate Distractions

How to Eliminate Distractions - The Guide to Staying Focused

While writing this blog post alone, I checked my phone, fixed the time on my clock, peeled off nail polish, wrote a job application and made my bed. When left to my own devices during a long winter break in which all of the “to-do” tasks are not mandatory, but rather tasks I have brought upon myself, I find it very difficult to conquer distractions. But, I’ve certainly gotten a lot better as of late. The ability to eliminate distractions is both inherent and learned, and there are a lot of things to be done in order to eliminate distractions without turning everything into a procrastination session. Let me explain…

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30 Day Adulting Challenge

30 Day Adulting Challenge - adulting challenge - monthly challenge - 30 day challenge
Just in time for the new year! I’ve been really enjoying trying thirty-day challenges lately and so I decided to make my own. I chose adulting, because since I just turned 21 and am graduating college soon (!!!!), it seems extra appropriate. Being an adult is a lot of work, so sometimes it can be nice to break it down and take things in a particularly milennial way…challenge style!

It’s nice to save on your phone and reference or to print out and pin to your desk. Read on for extra tips and details for each of the thirty-day challenges!

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