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The Guide to Having Fun in NYC When You’re Broke

The Guide to Having Fun in NYC When You're Broke - Free and Cheap Things to do in NYC // ew & pt

Now that I’m about to graduate, I’ve been extra aware of how and where I spend my money, but I don’t want to let my saving interfere with where I find entertainment, ya feel me? I’m sure you don’t want to either. I’ve noticed that some of the most fun times I’ve had with friends are times where not a lot of money needed to be spent, and thus this post was born.

These past two weeks I’ve been having a lot of fun in NYC. This has reaffirmed three things: there’s so much to do in NYC, NYC is very expensive and, most importantly, there are a lot of ways to have fun in NYC without spending a ton of money. While not all of these things are free, a lot of them are cheap or cheaper than the average thing to do.

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London Travel Guide: My Trip, Travel Tips & Favorite Places to Visit

London Travel Guide: My Trip, Travel Tips & Favorite Places to Visit - things to do in london for millennials

Finally, I can say I’ve checked off a major item on my bucket list. I finally went to London! I’m not going to turn into one of those “Being abroad changed my LIFE! London has a piece of my heart!” people, but I will say it was a really cool place, I had a really fun time and I’d like to go back.

Through a school abroad program, I spent the past two weeks in London and other areas of the United Kingdom and they were absolutely amazing. Due to the terrible attacks in Borough Market and the London Bridge, my trip ended up not returning to London for the second week. Scarily, Borough Market and London Bridge were the two places I had been just a few hours before the attacks. What happened was awful and though myself and the other students on my trip wished to stay in London, our trip continued to Stratford-upon-Avon and was diverted to Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Portsmouth. All of these places were beautiful and I’m happy I got to experience them, and I hope to return to London someday. Even if I don’t, I still got to see and experience a lot of things. Here’s what I saw, did, loved and here are my tips for traveling to London (and other areas of the U.K.).

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Ed Sheeran “Divide” Track by Track Album Review

Ed Sheeran "Divide" Track by Track Album Review - Deluxe Edition

Am I crying? I’m crying. Ed Sheeran has once again resurrected my eardrums and touched emotions I didn’t even know existed in my black, cold heart. In his new album, released March 3, 2017, Sheeran combines folk, acoustic guitar and a plethora of other styles to create a fairly unique creation.

Ed Sheeran has been one of my favorite artists for years and he’s yet to release a disappointing album. I’m certainly not disappointed with this, I’m over the moon. Though somewhat overwhelmed with sappy love ballads, this album has something for everyone. Here it is, my Ed Sheeran “Divide” Track by Track Album Review.

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12 Tips for Planning A Trip With Friends

12 Tips for Planning A Trip With Friends - How to Plan Vacations with Friends Spring Break // eyeliner wings & pretty things

I’m a huge fan of planning. The idea of color-coded Google Sheets makes me swoon and having a printed out list of places to visit is incredibly exciting. That being said, not everyone is like that and most friend groups are not made up of people like that (it’d probably be a little too much if everyone had the same Type A personality).

Detailed plans or not, traveling with friends is always a great experience. Though the experience is great, the actual planning can oftentimes be a lot more stressful than planning a solo trip or a trip with family. Here are some tips for planning a trip with friends that will help you minimize stress and maximize fun.

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