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How Knowing your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Can Help you In College

How Knowing your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Can Help you In College
Some people live and die by Meyers-Briggs (MBTI), but personally, I just find it to be interesting. I also find it to be fairly accurate. Though you can write it off as just another slightly more scientific personality quiz, you can also use it to improve your habits in college. My type is an ESTJ and I find that it fits me very well. I’ve also taken this test so many times to the point where I can recite some of the questions and to the point where I’m fairly certain ESTJ is, in fact, my type.

I’m not a scientist or an expert by any means, but I’ve looked into the Meyers-Briggs personality types quite a bit and I’ve applied it to college. If you’re looking for some super deep insights and historical background on the test, this isn’t the place. But if you want to apply your type to college, you’re in the right spot.

Here are some ways knowing your Meyers-Briggs type can help you in college. Here’s the 16 Personalities MBTI test if you’ve never taken it!

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16 College Essentials I Wish I’d Packed Sooner

16 College Essentials I Wish I'd Packed Sooner - Things I forgot to pack for college - college packing list

I began college as the queen of packing things I don’t need and I’m ending it as the queen of packing a LOT of crap, but a lot of it’s fairly important crap. I’ve certainly gotten better at narrowing down what’s essential and what isn’t.

I’ve also had a lot of  “I wish I’d thought of that sooner!” moments, especially when it comes to college essentials. Whether I see my friends using something I’d never thought to use in college or I have a divine revelation while browsing Pinterest, I’ve certainly discovered new college essentials along the way.

There are so many things that I wish I’d bought sooner for college, and as I near the end of college I’ve started to reflect on it. After four years, it’s fairly clear to me how many things I really didn’t need to pack for college and how many things I’m very glad I did. Here are some of those things. Hopefully you’ll get these essentials sooner than I did!

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11 Resources for Journalism Majors

11 resources for journalism majors

Being a journalism major can be challenging in interesting ways and it certainly involves using a lot of resources. I’ve been a journalism major for all of college (minus those two weeks of freshman year when I was hellbent on being an advertising major) and thus I’ve come across a lot of helpful tools. I’ve also gotten a lot of these from my bosses at various internships, as they’ve had long careers in reporting and journalism.

These tools can be helpful for all majors, even if you’re trying to figure out what that major might be (this post about choosing your major might help). Without further ado, here are some helpful resources for journalism majors.

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8 Ways College Changes You

8 Ways College Changes You/Ways You Change When You Go To College

College changes you…really. I know that sounds like some b.s. quote your parents tell you or that the parents on Boy Meets World or Full House would say. It sounds dramatic and college is by no means some magical transformative experience, but I find that I’m not the same person I was four years ago. I can firmly say I am a different person than I was when I first started college. In fact, through every section of schooling from middle school to high school to college, I’ve found myself becoming closer to the person I want to be or maybe the person I’ve always been. Deep.

Overall, I can say that there are a lot of ways college changes you. These will not apply to everyone and they’ll often apply at different levels. I can only really take from my experience. Anyway, here are some ways you change when you go to college…based on some ways I did.

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