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9 Ways to Prep for the Job Search (While in College)

9 Ways to Prepare for the Job Search While in College - Tips for Job Searching - Job Search Tips in College - ew & pt

As many of you know, I’m a senior in college which means that A.) Yay! I’m almost done with college and B.) Oh my GOD! I have to be a real adult with a real job and school is over forever. It’s a very tense time and a delicate balance of panic and excitement…but mostly panic. One of the pressing matters on hand in college is, of course, finding a job. Job searching in college is incredibly stressful because, unlike finding an internship, you have to try to find something that’ll last more than a few months. You also need to up the ante a little bit when it comes to resumes, recommendations and using connections.

It’s a lot to do and it’s very draining, which means starting early is going to really pay off. Your future, post-grad self will definitely thank you. Here are some ways to kick off the job search while you’re still in college.

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How To Figure Out What to Do With Your Major

What Should I Do With My Major?! // How To Figure Out What to Do With Your Major - ew & pt

I’m pretty sure the amount of people who have chosen a major and know exactly what they want to do with it is a lot lower than we all think. Like, even if you have chosen your major and you sort of know what you want to do, you might have doubts and question yourself and wonder if that’s really what you want to do or if that’s what you think you want to do and…you know what I mean.

Once you’ve finally chosen a major (Pssst…check out my How To Choose A Major  and Signs You Chose The Right Major before reading this!), you’re on a great track but you need to keep going from there. It’s great you know which field you want to be in, but now you need to start to find your place. Honestly, I’m pretty sure of what I want to do but sometimes there are those moments where I question myself–nothing in life is totally certain, but having at least a sort of idea of where you want your major to take you is always helpful.

There are so many careers out there or paths that exist that you might not have ever considered, so hopefully this little post can help you start to think about just what you’re going to do with your major.

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Her Conference 2016 Experience

This post is brought to you by Her Conference 2016 and Her Campus Media.

Her Conference 2016 Experience // eyeliner wings & pretty things

I attended Her Conference for the first time this past weekend and I have a lot to say about it. I mean, I always have a lot to say about everything but this next level. This conference was fun and empowering and the only drawback of the entire conference was that the lighting wasn’t optimal for photos and you can totally tell as you advance in the post, I’m not gonna lie. That’s a pretty good drawback if you ask me.

Without further ado, let’s get onto the meaty part of the post with all of the questions you’re dying to ask. Probably not dying to ask, in fact, you’re probably not asking at all but here I am telling.

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10 Things To Do Before Starting An Internship

10 Things To Do Before Starting An Internship - Intern Tips // ew & pt

So you found the internship but that’s only the first battle of the war. That sounded really ominous and intense but I’ve been watching Game of Thrones lately and I couldn’t think of a better metaphor. Basically, don’t be too comfortable. Yeah, they liked you enough to give you the internship, but you still need to prove yourself and make a good first impression.

Anyway, starting an internship is a very exciting and stressful time but these things to do before starting an internship will help you be a little more prepared and organized before you dive into the intern life!

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