How To Get Straight A’s In College

How To Get Straight A's In College / How To Get Good Grades In College

There’s no exact science to the mystery of how to get good grades in college. In fact, even the term “good” is subjective. I’m trying to get kind of deep but I don’t think it’s working. I’ve been getting straight A’s for the past two years of college (except for that B freshman year but we don’t mention that) and here’s exactly how I do it.

Here’s your standard disclaimer: While these things work for me, they might not work for you. These are the things I personally do to excel and I think these things definitely contribute to my getting good grades. Anyways, here’s how to get good grades in college or, namely, how to get straight A’s in college.

1. I don’t wait until the last minute.

I have never submitted a paper the night before or five minutes before it’s due and I never plan to. In fact, the latest I’ve submitted a paper is probably two days before the deadline. I sound very type A and pompous by saying that, but I still think it’s better than people who brag about submitting assignments one minute before the deadline.

I don’t know how people can procrastinate and put off their work until last minute but I can’t do it and it definitely benefits me in the long run. When you leave yourself a lot of time to edit your paper and work on it without rushing your quality improves greatly. Then again, if you work best under pressure this might not be your answer to how to get good grades in college.

2. I don’t do all of the readings.

When classes begin, read for every class. Once you realize which professors teach you well without you needing to do the readings, you might want to stop. Honestly, I haven’t cracked open a textbook this semester in my one class because I realized the professor’s notes and online slideshows were where all of the tests and material is from. If you find that your professor is horrible at teaching or that the readings are crucial to discussion or that they enhance your learning, keep reading. Sometimes doing the readings is a waste of times but other times it’s essential. Use your honest judgement, don’t judge it by what you want to do.

3. I take the lead in group projects.

I have a whole somewhat aggressive and intense tips for group projects post already on the blog so I won’t go too in depth but basically I take charge in group projects because relying on others for your grades is oftentimes going to lead in disappointment.

4. I set reminders for due dates.

The Reminders app that comes on the iPhone is my SON. This app is the key to every aspect of my life. It reminds me to study for tests, write papers, answer e-mails, water my cacti, buy birthday gifts, go to club meetings, do assignments, watch my favorite TV shows…I’m not saying you should dump your entire life in the Reminders app like I do, but I am saying that setting reminders is quintessential to my getting good grades in college and it might be for you, too.

5. I use the calendar app and a calendar.

I religious use the giant DIY’d dry erase calendar above my desk and the Google calendar app and they are both my holy grail. I put project and paper deadlines in there along with exam dates and it keeps me on top of everything. I would definitely recommend keeping track of your assignments diligently. For you, a planner might work best but I find myself never checking or reaching for my planner so calendars are definitely more effective and convenient for me. See what works for you. If you never check your phone calendar, try a wall calendar and if you never use that, try a planner.

6. I procrastinate selectively.

I know I said I don’t want until last minute, and I don’t, but procrastinating doesn’t always mean waiting until last minute. When I’m not in the mood to work or I just don’t feel inspired to write a paper, I allow myself to procrastinate a little and watch Netflix or scroll around on Pinterest. I find that forcing myself to do work when I’m not in the mood leads to crappy work quality so I avoid waiting until last minute so I can allow myself to work when I feel particularly inspired. If you’re someone who never feels in the mood to do work these other tips might work a little better.

7. I study the night before.

You probably just read this and said “WTF!?” but I’ve been doing this since high school and this is my biggest how to get good grades in college tip. Usually studying the night before is reserved for slackers and procrastinators, but that’s not always the case. I get my study materials gathered in advance and then study the night before. My retention of information for a lot of subjects isn’t the best and for me I’ve realized that if I study too far in advance for an exam I don’t remember anything.

While I’m not suggesting the night before is your best time to study for everyone, it’s my prime time to study and you should find your prime time. Some people can study a week before and be fine, but not me. Everyone’s mind works differently so find which study time allows you to retain the most information, this might take some trial and error.

8. I use flashcards.

Again, this is my study method of choice for how to get good grades in college. If you give me notes, tell me to read them and expect me to have them memorize you’re going to get nothing. Flashcards help me memorize information so easily and I find that reading doesn’t help me to retain anything at all.

P.S. I have more college study tips in a previous blog post if you’re interested.

9. I don’t skip class.

Professors generally notice and oftentimes even deduct points for you missing class. I think I’ve skipped two classes in my life and one was accidental because I was in an internship meeting that ran over and another time was when the professor told me I could skip because my assignment was complete. Oh, and this one other time that I skipped because the professor was the worst and I needed a mental health day. I mean, aside from that, you can find me sitting in class on time every week.

10. I take notes with pen and paper.

90% of the time if you bring your laptop to class you will end up distracted. Taking notes with pen and paper helps me to pay attention because there’s nothing else I could possibly do. I can’t check my e-mail, scroll through Facebook and take quizzes on BuzzFeed in my notebook, can I? If you find yourself getting distracted in class or not doing your best, try taking notes with a paper and pen instead of your laptop. You might even prefer it.

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