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How to Save Money When Buying Gifts

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How to Save Money When Buying Gifts

love gift giving and I especially love doing it without spending a bunch of money. There are a lot of ways to save money on gifts without skimping on the gift itself and I often take advantage of these. In fact, I usually start my Christmas shopping in October so I have plenty of time to hunt down the perfect present and get it at a great price. It also minimizes stress levels in December where I’ve already got my birthday, my final exams, final projects and other holiday-related things to worry about.

When it comes to gift giving it’s certainly not about what you pay for it…but paying less than you need to could never hurt. Here are some ways to save money on gifts this holiday season!

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How to Boost Your Confidence in College

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How to Boost Your Confidence in College - Being Confident in College // ew & pt

This blog post starts with a story. It wasn’t going to — it was initially going to be a vague blurb about how I’m so much more confident now that I’m a senior in college than I was when I was a freshman. Duh, right? But last night I had such an eye-opening experience that really showed me how my confidence has skyrocketed in less than four years. In fact, the experience ended with “I would never have been confident enough to do this as a freshman!”

My college hosts a welcome back block party with fireworks, music and ice cream every year. I’ve been going every year since. Freshman year I didn’t dance — I stood with a small group and only spoke to them. Sophomore year I danced only when everyone else started dancing, too. Junior year I ran the event and handed out ice cream, bopping to the beat before I left. Senior year? I talked to tons of freshmen and upperclassmen, convincing them to take a bunch of ice cream, promoting the Snapchat Geofilter I made for the event. I went to the DJ and had him announce the filter for me. Then? I danced. Three of my friends and I danced. No one else was dancing, but we were. We were dancing and having a fun time and not giving a damn about anyone else. (Our dancing even attracted a freshman boy who was shaken to learn I was not a freshman. He also offered me vodka out of a sketchy water bottle and took a selfie with us, but that’s a story for another time).

The point? Sometimes being confident is just about dancing, even when no one else is. I could’ve never guessed that I’d be in the same spot almost four years later dancing and feeling 1000% confident. From one used-to-be shy, self-conscious and nervous freshman to a confident senior, here are a few of my tips about how to boost your confidence in college.

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7 Surprising Ways to Do Better in School

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7 Surprising Ways to Do Better in School // eyeliner wings & pretty things

In terms of academics, there are a lot of ways to do better in school. Obviously, studying can help, but I’m talking about the ways you might not think of. Especially ways that don’t necessarily mean spending more time reading textbooks or staring at flashcards.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect College Kitchen

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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Kitchen in College - What You Need For A Kitchen in College // ew & pt

Though this area of college housing is often overlooked, it’s one of the most important ones. Sophomore year my dorm kitchen was the hot spot for all of my best studying and productive moments. Junior year the dorm kitchen was always full of life and it was the hotspot for socializing. Plus, sometimes we even cooked in there. I also may or may not have set some food on fire in there but that’s beside the point.

The perfect dorm kitchen can be achieved when you know the right items and the right systems to bring to the table.

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