30 Day Adulting Challenge

30 Day Adulting Challenge - adulting challenge - monthly challenge - 30 day challenge
Just in time for the new year! I’ve been really enjoying trying thirty-day challenges lately and so I decided to make my own. I chose adulting, because since I just turned 21 and am graduating college soon (!!!!), it seems extra appropriate. Being an adult is a lot of work, so sometimes it can be nice to break it down and take things in a particularly milennial way…challenge style!

It’s nice to save on your phone and reference or to print out and pin to your desk. Read on for extra tips and details for each of the thirty-day challenges!

1. Update Your Resume

Ensure your jobs, GPA and all information is current. Add your latest jobs and awards. Maybe even try a new format to spice things up.

2. Check your Credit Score

I interned with a credit place’s editorial team this summer and learned so much about credit and credit score. It’s not that confusing and checking your credit score is easy! It may not matter much to you now, but it’s going to make a huge difference when you’re thinking about loans, buying a car, renting an apartment and so many other adult things.

3. Make Business Cards

And if you’ve already got them, buy yourself a nice holder! I got mine at Francesca’s.

4. Clean your Email Inbox

Create folders and sort your e-mail and delete the ones you no longer need. Bonus if you unsubscribe from all of those newsletters you don’t care about.

5. Add Important Dates to Your Planner

Ensure birthdays, due dates, anniversaries and other important days are marked off on your planner, whether you use a physical or digital one.

6. Get Rid of Dated/Small Clothes

This includes clothes that no longer seem appropriate to wear, clothes that are too small and clothes that are super worn. Donate them or pass them on to someone else.

7. Read a Self Help Book

Or, read an autobiography of someone you admire. I enjoy Gretchen Rubin’s books, and I have a few recommendations in my Books Every Millennial Should Read post if you need!

8. Create Back up of Your Phone Contacts

Does anyone do this anymore? Even if you don’t back up all of them, like “Jamie from Psych” and “Joe from Down the Hall” at least write down the important people like your close friends, cousins and S.O.

9. Back Up Your Files Onto a Hard Drive

If you don’t have a hard drive, invest in one! Back up your important documents and photos.

10. Master a Meal Recipe

Choose a recipe that’s great for a nice dinner or when you have guests over. Some good ones might be lasagna, mac n’ cheese (not from a box) or even chicken parm.

11. Delete Embarrassing Things from Social Media

Or anything a potential employer might not like. Skim through and clean it up a bit.

12. Eat a Vegetable

Even better? Find a way to cook a vegetable so when you eat it you actually enjoy it! I love asparagus cooked in olive oil on the stovetop until it gets crispy. So delicious. There’s a vegetable for everyone, so take this day to find one you can like…or tolerate!

13. Follow People Who Inspire You in your Career Field of Interest

On social media, not IRL! Follow people who are high up in the field that interests you or anyone in general who inspires you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

14. Write Someone A Thank You Card

Whether it’s the doorman of your building, your mailman, a professor, a friend who you want to appreciate extra or even your parents, write a nice handwritten thank you. It’s a lovely random act of kindness and nice practice for writing thank you’s!

15. Create a First Aid Kit

These are easy to put together and excellent for storing in your home and even your car. If you need some ideas, I have a whole post on creating a first aid kit.

16. Turn on News Alerts

While I don’t love these, it’s important, as an adult, to stay informed. Even if you just turn on alerts from one news source and choose which types of news to receive, you’ll be more in the loop.

17. Check the Expiration Date on Your Makeup/Beauty/Skincare Products

…and actually toss expired things! This is especially important for commonly overlooked products, like sunscreen.

18. Update Your LinkedIn

Add a fresh photo, add some new connections, share a news article you’ve enjoyed. Stay updated on this popular networking site. So adult.

19. Make an Appointment You’ve Been Putting Off

Check-ups are important! Make that appointment you’ve been dreading whether it be with the eye doctor or the dentist.

20. Run a Virus Scan on your Computer

I try to do this at least once a month. It’s great for ensuring the piece of technology you use every day stays in its prime.

21. Reach Out to Someone You’ve Lost Touch With

A colleague, a family member, a friend…Send them a message and see if they’d like to get coffee. It can’t hurt.

22. Download Groupon

Or any other money-saving app. Adulting means caring more about your finances and a great way to start is by taking advantage of discounts whenever possible.

23. Make a Meal Plan for the Week

Head to Pinterest for inspiration! Do this before grocery shopping. Try using the weekly deals and sales to plan your meals to maximize on your saving.

24. Go to Bed at an Early Hour

Try to be reasonable. Namely, maybe try going to sleep before midnight tonight.

25. Check Your Bank Account

It’s good to see where you stand. Maybe even making a saving plan or visit your bank to see if you’re getting the most interest you could be getting.

26. Make a list of your usernames and passwords

Keep it somewhere safe. No need to keep typing password and username combos until you figure out which one works.

27. Clean Out Your Purse/Backpack

You probably use this every day, so it definitely has gum wrappers, tissues and random receipts crumbled up in it. Dump it out, toss the trash and maybe even clean off your bag with some Febreeze or a damp cloth.

28. Wash Your Sheets & Pillow Cases

I try to wash my pillow cases every week, as it can be good for your skin.

29. Develop Some Photos

They’re probably rotting on your phone or computer. Bonus if you frame some or even create a photo album of them. Looking through printed, physical photos is so much more fun and meaningful than scrolling through a phone.

30. Organize All of Your Receipts

Use a small folio/coupon organizer or even a small box and some binder clips. I have a mini folio organizer that I got from the Target Dollar Spot. Sort it by type of item. This way, if you need to return an item or do taxes, you’ll know exactly where everything is. Additionally, toss any receipts you no longer need, like receipts that are real

What adulting task will you try next?

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  • This is so cool and so perfect for the new year! I am definitely starting this in January.
    xo, G

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