Productive & Realistic New Year Resolution Ideas

Productive & Realistic New Year's Resolutions Ideas // eyeliner wings and pretty things

Everyone and their mother makes New Year’s Resolutions but does anyone actually keep them? New Year’s Resolutions are, truthfully, a great idea. Setting a goal that’s meant to better yourself is always a great idea, but executing grand plans aren’t always the easiest.

Here are some productive and realistic New Year resolution ideas for anyone who isn’t sure what to do or how to tackle a huge goal.

1. Listen to more podcasts.

Swap them out for music while you’re walking to class or commuting to work. Even if you’re walking around and cleaning the house. More Than Adored has a round up of some seriously addicting podcasts if you need to find some to start with.

2. Read one book every month.

A book a week doesn’t seem very realistic, does it? This goal isn’t limiting you to one book, but it’s setting a realistic challenge. I recommend switching up the genres like reading a memoir one month, a classic book the next and so on. This is a great way to force yourself to make time to read.

3. Do 50 squats a day.

Obviously this won’t give you a super toned and magically fit body, but it’s forcing you to tone your buns a little bit each day. Squats can be done anywhere (your dorm, your kitchen, etc.) and they don’t require any equipment. This isn’t as crazy as asking you to go to the gym every day and there are no excuses! Fifty squats a day for a year is bound to tone up your buns and thighs, even if a little bit.

4. Go meatless once a week.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to vegans and vegetarians! While meat is delicious, it’s not always the healthiest option and eating it every single day of the week isn’t always the greatest. Try swapping out meat for a grain like quinoa, pasta or rice or a protein like eggs. There are so many meat substitutes. This is a perfect resolution because it’s realistic and specific, it’s not as vague as “eating healthy!”

5. Use your calendar and reminder apps more religiously.

If your goal was to “be more organized,” you can make it less vague by making a point to use the apps that every cell phone comes built in with–the calendar and reminders! Reminders are great for all facets of life from remembering to print an assignment to remembering to DVR The Walking Dead. Using the calendar app will help you remember all of your commitments and it’ll keep them on you at all times.

6. Wake up earlier.

This will be most effective if it’s done gradually. Gradually begin setting your alarm for five minutes earlier each day until you’re at the time you wish to be at. This can also be paired with going to bed earlier and you can achieve that by setting an alarm for nighttime of when to go to bed. Start winding down a little bit before bed by doing a task such as reading a book or magazine or drinking a cup of tea while you listen to a podcast *cough see resolution #1*. If waking up earlier isn’t your jam, you can at least try to speed up your morning routine to increase efficiency.

7. Use your phone less.

This can be done by deleting your apps and turning your phone on “Do Not Disturb” a bit more often. Perhaps you can make a point to not use your phone before bed, which is one of the most popular times to use one’s phone. Bonus: This will help you sleep better.

I think this year I’m going to try to use my phone less and read a book per month. Seriously, I’ve been dying to read #Girlboss for months now! What are some of your new year resolutions?

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  • Em

    These are some really great ideas! I’m trying to wake up earlier and establish a better morning routine so that I can get more done before I start my day (instead of scrambling to get out the door like I normally do). Some other goals of mine are to cook better meals for myself and to eat more veggies.

    Em / mascara warrior

    • Cooking better meals is one of my resolutions for sure–cooking in college results in a lot of PB&Js and mac n cheese which definitely isn’t healthy or satisfying, haha.

  • These goals are actually realistic. Hands down for a good reading schedule. I usually read 2 or 3 books per month, but I want to make it at least 4, a month. And waking up earlier is definitely on my to-achieve list.

    Noor | Noor’s Place

    • I definitely want to try to read a few more books in a month as well, reading is so calming and relaxing! It’s also good to get away from a screen.

  • Those are some great ideas! I’m going to try to wake up earlier and to use my phone less this year!

    • Those are both great, I hope to do those …I’m always so productive when I wake up early! 🙂

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