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Dorm Shopping Tips: 10 Things NOT To Buy for College

Dorm Shopping Tips: 10 Things NOT To Buy for college // ew & pt

When you go dorm shopping (especially at Target a.k.a the place to buy the things you never knew you needed and don’t) it’s almost like you’re in a state of euphoria. You’re all “Hell yeah, I’m going to college. I’m going on my own for the first time and I’m shopping for my dorm wow look at all of these things I definitely need this and this and maybe two of these…”

That’s basically how dorm shopping works. Based on my own experiences and the experiences of the college students around me, I’ve gathered some dorm shopping tips on things not to buy on dorm shopping. I know it’s often hard to resist the delightful promises of “useful” college items and things that match your color scheme, but I promise you’re going to save yourself a lot of time, space and money by following this guide.

In addition, I went through all of those pre-made dorm shopping lists that a lot of stores have and told you which things you don’t really need at all, so that’s fun. Basically this is a college packing lists debunked. Let’s do this.

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