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The Guide to Having Fun in NYC When You’re Broke

The Guide to Having Fun in NYC When You're Broke - Free and Cheap Things to do in NYC // ew & pt

Now that I’m about to graduate, I’ve been extra aware of how and where I spend my money, but I don’t want to let my saving interfere with where I find entertainment, ya feel me? I’m sure you don’t want to either. I’ve noticed that some of the most fun times I’ve had with friends are times where not a lot of money needed to be spent, and thus this post was born.

These past two weeks I’ve been having a lot of fun in NYC. This has reaffirmed three things: there’s so much to do in NYC, NYC is very expensive and, most importantly, there are a lot of ways to have fun in NYC without spending a ton of money. While not all of these things are free, a lot of them are cheap or cheaper than the average thing to do.

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My New York Fashion Week Experience

new york fashion week sherri hill
So I went to a show at New York Fashion Week. I’m still in shock. Granted, I wasn’t quite esteemed enough to have a seat, but I did get to attend an incredible fashion show as press. I’d stand in heels for an hour any day if it meant getting to witness the magic of a runway.

I attended the Sherri Hill Fall 2017 show and if her name sounds familiar it’s because you most definitely drooled over her gowns when you were shopping for prom. My prom Pinterest board was flooded with Sherri Hill’s dresses and although I couldn’t quite splurge, I was happy to be fawning over them. Even now, as a college student who can even less so afford the dresses, I’m still just as happy to be admiring them.

I covered the event for a media company and was lucky enough to bring along my main blog photographer (and best friend!). Everything in the show looked incredibly dazzling and sparkly and I was almost blinded. Aside from death and taxes, one thing in life is sure: Nothing sparkles quite like a Sherri Hill gown under spotlights. 

Now, I’m not sure if this applies to every show at NYFW but this is what I learned from this particular experience.

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Unique Things to do in NYC: Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop. All opinions are 100% mine.

Unique Things to do in NYC: Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop

I love and hate New York City. I always try to find things to do in NYC that aren’t over-hyped tourist spots or ridiculously expensive and thus I’m excited to share this with you.  I’ve written about unique things to do in NYC and I’ve written about places to go and not to go in NYC on the blog but today I have another unique thing to do in NYC and if you’re down in New York (especially if you love photos, crafting, blogging or just generally aesthetically pleasing places), you must check out the Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop.

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My Experience At Bite Beauty Lip Lab In NYC

My Experience At Bite Beauty Lip Lab In NYC - Making Custom Lipstick // eyeliner wings & pretty things

To me, there are few things greater than a bangin’ lipstick color and New York City. You know what’s better? Being able to make your own custom lipstick IN NYC with your best friend because she’s a great gift giver (and she read your post about cool things to do in NYC). Bless her for one of the coolest gifts ever.

So, in case you were curious about the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in SoHo or in case you’re just dying to know more about making custom lipstick and gallivanting around NYC, you’re in for a journey.

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