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How to Write Papers in College That Stand Out

How to Write Papers in College That Stand Out - Writing Good Papers in College that stand out

Sometimes I genuinely like to write papers in college. Sometimes. I’ve noticed that my best work is often produced when I am writing about topics I have a passion for or genuine interest in….this, however, isn’t always plausible in college. But, there are ways around this. There are so many ways to write papers in college that stand out. And, by doing so, you can also make writing papers more, dare I say it, fun! I sound like a really peppy professor who says you’re going to do something fun in class but, really, it’s not fun at all (like the infamous group project assignment). Trust me. There’s a way to make your paper really great and earn an A while having a less miserable time writing them.

Now, not every paper is an opportunity to really take the bull by the horns and express yourself. Sometimes you have to write a twelve-page paper on a philosophical concept you neither understand nor care about. It happens. BUT, that being said, even the papers you don’t want to write can be good ones that stand out in the best way. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Write The Perfect Paper: 10 Tips for Writing Papers in College

How to Write The Perfect Paper: 10 Tips for Writing Papers in College // eyeliner wings & pretty things

I’m a journalism major, which means writing is my dream, my hobby, my passion and my main focus of study. I’ve have had all things writing hammered into my brain for years and I’ve been hammering these things into the heads of others for years, too– I work at my college editing and revising papers.

Honestly, I don’t know how the heck I haven’t written this post yet. In college you’re definitely going to be writing a lot of papers, even if you have a math major you’ll definitely have to write papers at least once. I can’t write your papers for you, and writing papers in college can be difficult, but I can give you tips for writing papers in college that might just help you get straight A’s.

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