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11 Resources for Journalism Majors

11 resources for journalism majors

Being a journalism major can be challenging in interesting ways and it certainly involves using a lot of resources. I’ve been a journalism major for all of college (minus those two weeks of freshman year when I was hellbent on being an advertising major) and thus I’ve come across a lot of helpful tools. I’ve also gotten a lot of these from my bosses at various internships, as they’ve had long careers in reporting and journalism.

These tools can be helpful for all majors, even if you’re trying to figure out what that major might be (this post about choosing your major might help). Without further ado, here are some helpful resources for journalism majors.

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How To Figure Out What to Do With Your Major

What Should I Do With My Major?! // How To Figure Out What to Do With Your Major - ew & pt

I’m pretty sure the amount of people who have chosen a major and know exactly what they want to do with it is a lot lower than we all think. Like, even if you have chosen your major and you sort of know what you want to do, you might have doubts and question yourself and wonder if that’s really what you want to do or if that’s what you think you want to do and…you know what I mean.

Once you’ve finally chosen a major (Pssst…check out my How To Choose A Major  and Signs You Chose The Right Major before reading this!), you’re on a great track but you need to keep going from there. It’s great you know which field you want to be in, but now you need to start to find your place. Honestly, I’m pretty sure of what I want to do but sometimes there are those moments where I question myself–nothing in life is totally certain, but having at least a sort of idea of where you want your major to take you is always helpful.

There are so many careers out there or paths that exist that you might not have ever considered, so hopefully this little post can help you start to think about just what you’re going to do with your major.

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10 Ways To Know You Chose The Right Major

College 101: 10 Ways to Know You Chose The Right Major // eyeliner wings & pretty things

Let’s be real: there’s not going to be some floating angel in the sky that will say “Yes, child, your major is the right one!” A bunch of clouds aren’t going to float into a thumbs up the day you declare and if any of those things happen then I think you might be on LSD–how are you reading this!?

This advice may not apply to everyone, but it is sure to make you think and maybe make you feel more confident in your decision or send you on a path to choose a new major. Anyways, here are a few signs that you chose the right major in case you have your doubts.

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College 101: How to Choose A Major

How To Choose A Major // eyelinerwingsandprettythings

Let me start with this: I’m not you, I’m not a counselor, I’m not some sort of godly figure (although I like to pretend to be), but I am a girl who was lost about choosing a major but now has chosen one she loves and will be happily graduating with it. I’m a girl who found her major through some kind of internal revelation and a lot of thought.

You know those people who just know what they want to be from the time they’re a kid? Or have their entire career planned out already? Yeah, I wasn’t always one of those people. Most of us aren’t. It took some serious changes and deliberation to get to the point I’m at today.

Choosing a major isn’t easy. In a way, you’re deciding on the path your life will be taking. You’re picking a category or vague outline of potential careers. It’s scary. It’s okay to be Undecided, most people are, but once you reach the end of Sophomore year it’s time to choose or risk being behind.

Here’s some advice on how to choose a major and how I chose my major. I hope it helps you decide!

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