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10 Things To Do Before Starting A New Semester

10 Things To Do Before Starting A New Semester - How to Prepare For A New Semester // eyeliner wings & pretty things

As one semester ends, it’s time for another one to begin! It’s time to end whichever break you’re currently on and crawl out of bed to prepare for the next few months of classes, clubs and college life. Yay? Hopefully it’s a yay. Even if it’s not a yay for you to be starting a new semester, these tips will help you make the process a lot easier (and affordable).

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How To Make A College Survival Kit

How To Make A College Survival Kit // eyeliner wings & pretty things

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College can be a scary place and you’ll often find yourself getting paper cuts on your fifteen-page essay, getting headaches from too many hours spent in the library or burning yourself on a curling iron you forgot to unplug. Basically, a college survival kit is crucial.

While everyone’s college survival kit may vary, here are some ideas and suggestions for creating your own!


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The Ultimate Guide to A College Night In

The Ultimate Guide to A College Night In

I’m a huge proponent of the idea of a “college night in” because as much as getting all dolled up and putting heels on is fun, it’s also fun to sit on the couch in your pajamas eating junk food and playing board games.

Now, for a night in, there’s a fine line between FOMO-filled boringness and a grand ‘ol time. The people, obviously, are crucial but there are other elements that must be on point for the perfect night. Here’s how to get them just right…

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10 Tips For Doing Laundry In College

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LAUNDRY IN COLLEGE: 10 Tips For Doing Laundry In College // eyeliner wings & pretty things

College means beginning on the journey of becoming a for real adult (sort of) and this means doing laundry. Whether you’re a laundry pro or you’ve never done laundry before, I will tell you that doing laundry in college is an event. It’s a debacle. It’s so much more than doing laundry.

It’s something that is easily mastered, but it’s a little rough in the beginning. These tips for doing laundry in college are going to help you get ahead of the game and successfully wash and dry your favorite clothes without shrinking and losing them all. Yay for doing laundry in college!

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