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I’m 21! 21 Lessons Learned in 21 Years + What I’m Looking Forward to


When I turned 19, I made a bunch of “Things to do before 20” post and when I turned 20, I followed up on that post but didn’t make new goals. You know, it’s fine. Though I don’t have any goals, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in the past year. I’ve made so many strong connections with friends and professors. I’ve been getting grades I’m proud of and fixing my resume. I killed my final senior presentation…

This is my last birthday in college and it’s one of the last few “big” birthdays. Twenty-one! I can legally drink now, weee-ooo. I was a bit stumped for post ideas and so I decided to make a video and half of a blog post. I find that I’m particularly introspective and interesting when I’m talking about life lessons versus writing about them. Hopefully, they’ll be helpful to you, too.

And now, here are some things I’m looking forward to now that I’m twenty-one. Although not all of these are related to being twenty-one, a lot of them are just coming up soon!

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I’M 20! (19 Things Before 20 Revisited)


Well, shit, I’m twenty. While that’s probably not the prettiest way to start a blog post, it was my first, honest thought. The suffix “-teen” is officially gone from my age and I can basically feel the gray hairs and wrinkles forming. I’m definitely kidding, I use moisturizer. Kidding, I’m still only twenty. I’m still the baby of my house at college, so I can hold onto my youth for a little bit longer.

I can now officially be labeled a “twenty something,” that is, if zero counts as a “something.” I can finally read those articles and feel like I actually belong there, which is pretty nice.

Even though I don’t want to be older, I’m also really wishing to turn twenty-one soon, because it seems a lot more fun than being twenty. Also, you can legally consume alcohol, which is pretty ~adult~ if I do say so myself.

Although I did “19 things before 20” last year, I have decided not to make a “20 Things Before 21” list for a few reasons:

1. Years fly by so quickly and there’s no way to know what I can or cannot accomplish in a year and by setting unreachable goals and seeing I’ve failed them I feel kind of shitty about it because usually the ones I did not achieve are the fun ones.

2. I don’t even know what I want to do. I’ll open a snack, eat a few bites and then change my mind and take something else. I’ll order french toast and only once it’s in front of me I’ll remember I don’t like french toast. I’ll change my outfit five times before leaving the house on some days. I don’t know what to aim to achieve, I really don’t.

3. I’m revisiting “19 Before 20.” I’d rather see how that has panned out than make another list. Plus, it was hard enough to name 19 things, I don’t think I could name 20 now.

So, here were my 19 things before 20 if you’d like to see them thoroughly, but here’s a little update on them all…

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19 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 20

19 Things I Want To Do Before I'm 20 // eyeliner wings & pretty things

My 19th birthday was yesterday and it’s reminded me just how quickly time flies. To think that in just one year I’ll be in my twenties is absolutely insane and pretty frightening. The “teen” will be gone from the end of my age and I’ll for real sort of kind of be an actual adult. Yikes.

With that being said, I’ve comprised a list of things I hope to do before I turn the big two-oh. Some of them are a bit unlikely, but it never hurts to toss in a few big dreams, right?

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