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Valentine’s Day Look + Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Look + Tips for Going Out on Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, most people either hate it or love it. I can’t say I have that strong of an opinion the holiday, I could take it or leave it. I really do love Valentine’s themed products at Target and all of the discounts on chocolate, but I can’t say I’ve ever really cared much for V Day as a whole. I hate how crowded most places get and all of the braggy Snapchat stories about promise rings and purses. Really, Valentine’s Day is usually an excuse for my friends and me to order heart-shaped pizza and get dolled up, or for my boyfriend and I to go on a fun date.

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Taking Beauty Risks + False Eyelash Review

Taking Makeup Risks + False Eyelash Review

Are you a risk taker? I’m sure as hell not. I hate gambling, I like knowing the future and I’m constantly anxious about everything. Therefore, risks are terrifying to me. In fact, it’s taken me years to even build up the courage to take makeup risks.

Makeup is something I’ve deeply loved since the end of middle school and taking risks with it always felt too frightening. In fact, I religiously stuck to petal pink lipstick (gloss if I felt daring) throughout the majority of high school. I didn’t wear red lipstick for the longest time because I was afraid of pulling it off, even though plenty of fair-skinned people pull it off every day (Uh, Taylor Swift!?).

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The Best Nude Drugstore Lipsticks (Matte)

The Best Nude Drugstore Lipsticks (Matte) - Best Inexpensive Neutral Lipsticks // eyeliner wings & pretty things

My latest and greatest makeup obsession has been nude lipsticks. They’re so versatile and you can eat burgers and drink coffee without having ridiculously noticeable lipstick marks. They also fade very beautifully, which means reapplication is pushed to the back burner. Almost all of my favorite nudes are drugstore lipsticks, which is perfect for those on a budget (or those who just love a good lipstick).

Here are some of the best nude drugstore lipstick colors for those who want to look glamorous without spending a ton of money to do it!

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Fall Beauty Essentials

This post brought to you by Sally Beauty. The content and opinions expressed below are that of eyeliner wings & pretty things.

Fall Beauty Essentials // eyeliner wings & pretty things

You know those people who lose their minds as soon as September begins and start screaming about Halloween? You might even be one of those people. I’m kind of like that except as soon as September begins, regardless of how hot it is, I’m already losing my mind about how it’s basically AUTUMN! Or fall if you prefer the less pretty word for it.

Fall is my favorite season and makeup is one of my favorite things ergo, fall beauty essentials. I already have fall wardrobe essentials if you’d like to check it out, too!

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