Study Tip: The Priority Ranking

Finals week is upon us (or quickly approaching us) and we all have a lot of studying to do. In fact, I should be studying right now but I decided to start a blog and obsess over that and also go to the NCAA lacrosse game at my school tonight and also get half-off appetizers at Applebee’s.

BUT, I have finished most of my study guides, so technically I’m not procrastinating too badly. Do as I say, not as I do, folks. Here is my biggest tip for studying for finals (dun dun dunnn):

Rank your Priorities!

Study Tip: The Priority Ranking // eyeliner wings & pretty things

I created a pretty and handy little guide for this. Calculate the points for all of your classes and start studying in order of highest points to lowest points. This study tip is perfect for ending your procrastination reign *cough cough* and probably mine.

Monthly Goals: May 2015


I have decided to create monthly lists of goals of reasonable and specific things I wish to complete each month.  The biggest problem with goals and resolutions is that they are incredibly vague or just not plausible. For example, the goal “lose weight” is so vague. One pound or ten? How will you do it? Or “stop eating junk food” is simply not plausible when it’s an ingrained part of your diet.

I will try to create plausible and realistic goals with the means to complete them, but I’ll probably throw in some vague/unrealistic ones just because goals can be kind of boring.

ANYWAY. Here are my goals for May—hopefully I will complete them.


Goal: Find a new concealer.

How: This should be easy, right? NOPE. I’m so damn pale and light that it’s nearly impossible for me to find a concealer that’s not orange. I’ve been using the same Glamoflauge concealer in “Light” for more than three years. I know I need to throw it away. I’ve tried Almay, Nyx and e.l.f concealers but even the lightest shades are too dark. I’m definitely stuck.

Goal: Make something from my Pinterest board.

How: I have so many things pinned, especially dorm house related pins (ie: doormat, pillows, magnets). I need to do something.


How: Since I must pack up to move back home this month, it’ll save me space. I do not need the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara that’s dried up and old even though I love it. I do not need the foundation that is too dark for me. I am terrible at purging old make-up but I’ll do it this time, I swear.

Goal: Splurge on a neutral eyeshadow palette

How: This is actually hard for me. I’ve made so much money this semester and I’ve barely spent any. I own one high-end palette and it’s Naked 3. I’m not a huge fan, but I wish to invest in a nice high-end palette. Treat myself, you know? I just need to obsessively research and look up a zillion swatches before I make that $50 investment. I will not buy another palette just to let it sit and be a new stand for my perfumes (@CoastalScents Jumbo palette I did not need you)


Goal: Finish the semester with mostly A’s

How: Having already done fairly well, I just need to ace my finals and I’ll do so by studying a lot a.k.a the night before the exam (sounds really suspicious but I do my best studying the night before)

Goal: Create an online portfolio of my writing and graphic design work.

How: I’m going to convert my old WordPress into a portfolio (since it is my name) once finals are over. This shouldn’t be too difficult…


Goal: Drink healthier coffee

How: This is easy because I drink my coffee ridiculously sweet and over-creamer-ed (is that a word? nope? well…). I’ve already begun to cut down to two little creamers and one Splenda packet, so that’s a start.

Goal: Cut out chips

How: Well, I literally chose an apple over a bag of chips yesterday so that’s a start. This should be easy because I currently have no chips in my dorm and the dining hall has no chips. I literally cannot access chips unless I buy them, so I won’t.

Goal: Train my brain to be healthier??

How: Watch some food documentaries on Netflix. I’ve already seen Food Inc. and Fed Up and it definitely made me want to be healthier and to check the sugar content of foods. I also downloaded like a zillion fitness apps (and this cool one called Pacer that tracks your steps).

What are your goals for this month? 


The Coffee Obsession


I have never been much of a coffee girl. Then I got to college.

I can still fondly remember my first cup of coffee—it was in my college’s dining hall and a friend of mine put this cup of coffee together. He, a coffee addict himself, put sugar and creamer in a perfect combination and eagerly watched as I took a sip.

“This is kind of gross, but I want to keep drinking it,” I remember saying, drinking the whole mug.

“The more you drink coffee the better it tastes,” he replied.


Now that there’s a Keurig K-Cup in my dorm room courtesy of my roommate, it’s so easy to have coffee at my fingertips. I typically drink it with two little creamers (like the ones at diners) and a packet or two of Splenda. I’ve recently been cutting it down to one packet because anyone who drinks my coffee is horrified at how sweet it is. Well.

My current coffee mug that I use is from Target’s Valentine’s Day collection. It says “You Are Magical” with a little Pegasus on the inside that stares at you while you drink.

“Haha college student,” it seems to say. “Drink the coffee for your 8 AM class, life is so much easier being an anthropomorphic Pegasus in a coffee mug that was probably made in a sector of China.”

Yes, I am a college student with a Pegasus coffee mug. Yes, I did just make the Pegasus hypothetically speak.

Anyways, here are some super cute coffee mugs that I love!


 1.Forever21 2. UrbanOutfitters 3.Etsy 4. JCPenney