How to be Charismatic & Charming

How to be Charismatic & Charming - How to be Popular // ew & pt

When I was writing this post, I toyed with calling it: How to be Popular. Then I sort of cringed because “popular” has such a negative connotation. What does it even mean? I find that it’s far more important to be charismatic, friendly and overall just a fun person to be around. Really, if you pick apart the aspects of being “popular,” the desirable ones are the charisma and charm! It’s not necessarily about how many people you know and have in your life, it’s mostly about how you make those people feel and how you connect with them.

I was inspired by this because I’m on the board of a club on campus, which means interacting with a lot of freshman and general members of the club. I’ve been more charismatic than ever and it’s not only made me feel great but also it’s helped me make connections with people.

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The Guide to Strong & Healthy Relationships in College

The Guide to Strong & Healthy Relationships in College // ew & pt

Strong relationships in college are often hit or miss. I’ve seen relationships that have been strong since freshman year and relationships that totally blew up and left people friendless and bummed out. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to ensure your relationship is a strong one and, if it ends up not working out, you won’t be left friendless and utterly heartbroken.

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7 Reasons You Aren’t Getting A’s

7 Reasons You Aren't Getting A's - How to Get A's in School // ew & pt

Sometimes getting A’s is really easy. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible. Sometimes you feel like you’re absolutely busting your ass and still not getting an A. This post is especially for those sometimes.

I’ve done quite a few posts on getting A’s and excelling in school, but I thought a sort of troubleshooting guide to getting A’s could be handy. Sometimes you’re busting your ass and just thinking, “How do I not have an A in this class?!” Sometimes it’s hard for you to self-analyze and realize where you’re going wrong.

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How to Boost Your Confidence in College

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How to Boost Your Confidence in College - Being Confident in College // ew & pt

This blog post starts with a story. It wasn’t going to — it was initially going to be a vague blurb about how I’m so much more confident now that I’m a senior in college than I was when I was a freshman. Duh, right? But last night I had such an eye-opening experience that really showed me how my confidence has skyrocketed in less than four years. In fact, the experience ended with “I would never have been confident enough to do this as a freshman!”

My college hosts a welcome back block party with fireworks, music and ice cream every year. I’ve been going every year since. Freshman year I didn’t dance — I stood with a small group and only spoke to them. Sophomore year I danced only when everyone else started dancing, too. Junior year I ran the event and handed out ice cream, bopping to the beat before I left. Senior year? I talked to tons of freshmen and upperclassmen, convincing them to take a bunch of ice cream, promoting the Snapchat Geofilter I made for the event. I went to the DJ and had him announce the filter for me. Then? I danced. Three of my friends and I danced. No one else was dancing, but we were. We were dancing and having a fun time and not giving a damn about anyone else. (Our dancing even attracted a freshman boy who was shaken to learn I was not a freshman. He also offered me vodka out of a sketchy water bottle and took a selfie with us, but that’s a story for another time).

The point? Sometimes being confident is just about dancing, even when no one else is. I could’ve never guessed that I’d be in the same spot almost four years later dancing and feeling 1000% confident. From one used-to-be shy, self-conscious and nervous freshman to a confident senior, here are a few of my tips about how to boost your confidence in college.

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