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College Spring Cleaning Routine + Free Cleaning Chart Printable

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College Spring Cleaning Routine + Free Cleaning Chart Printable // eyeliner wings & pretty things
College is all about independence and becoming an adult and self-discovery but…it’s also a lot of related tasks that aren’t nearly as inspiring or glamorous. One of them is budgeting. Another one is cleaning. Oftentimes, these overlap.

I know, I know. Finances and cleaning sound absolutely awful, but there are few things more satisfying than getting a good deal on something and entering a very clean home. Here’s plenty of tips, tricks and product suggestions for crafting the perfect college cleaning routine for spring.

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How to Be More Informed

How to Be More Informed - Staying in the Loop // How to Keep up with the news - eyeliner wings & pretty things

My journalism professors always emphasize the same thing, regardless of which course they’re teaching. They emphasize how crucial it is to stay in the loop and how it’s important to be more informed about what’s happening in the world. Being in college has made me even more aware of how much is happening in the world and I’m more informed than I’ve ever been.

Being informed doesn’t have to be boring. Plus, being informed can also entail staying in the loop about things that interest you, like the moms from Teen Mom 2 or even your next travel destination.

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Preparing for Spring Break Trips in College

Preparing for Spring Break Trips in College - College Spring Break

I have spent the last three spring breaks in college relaxing at home and, blissfully, doing nothing. My final spring break in college is going to be spent actually going somewhere and doing this. I’m headed to New Orleans and I am beyond excited. But, I’m also a huge planner and I’m obsessive when it comes to hammering out details for a trip.

I took you guys through some of my trip planning in Tips for Planning a Trip with Friends post so I thought it could be useful to take you through my process of preparing for spring break in college when it comes to trips.

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Valentine’s Day Look + Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Look + Tips for Going Out on Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, most people either hate it or love it. I can’t say I have that strong of an opinion the holiday, I could take it or leave it. I really do love Valentine’s themed products at Target and all of the discounts on chocolate, but I can’t say I’ve ever really cared much for V Day as a whole. I hate how crowded most places get and all of the braggy Snapchat stories about promise rings and purses. Really, Valentine’s Day is usually an excuse for my friends and me to order heart-shaped pizza and get dolled up, or for my boyfriend and I to go on a fun date.

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