Unique Dorm Decor Ideas

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10 Unique Dorm Decor Ideas // eyeliner wings & pretty things

Are you sick of posters? Do you want something more unique than a tapestry? Well, friends, look no further. I’ve got some great unique dorm decor ideas that’ll make your room stand out.

It’s never too late to redecorate your room and these ideas can also easily be applied to your bedroom at home!

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8 Smart Investments for College Students

8 Smart Investments for College Students // eyeliner wings & pretty things
I don’t know if you know this, but college is expensive as hell. Kidding. You totally know this and you’re probably laughing and crying all at once while you think of all of the student loans and crippling debt you’ll face soon. Ha! You’re welcome for drudging up a scary future.

With this being said, there are a lot of things college students need to buy. Some of these things are little pricey, but a lot of pricey thing are totally worth it. Here are some great investments for college students. Namely, if you’re going to spend a little more or ask for something big for your birthday or a holiday, these are the things you should look into. Let’s get started!

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College Girl’s Ultimate Guide to Halloween

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Guide to Celebrating Halloween in College // eyeliner wings & pretty things

It’s HALLOWEEN! Actually, no, it’s October but it’s never too early to start preparing for Halloween, right? Halloween in college can be quite unconventional. You’re at the point where you’re a little too old to socially acceptably go trick or treating and you’re at the point where Halloween costumes become dumping out your closet and hoping for a spark of creativity.

Even though you’re older and in college, you’re never too old for Halloween and you’re definitely never too old for candy. You’re also absolutely not too old to get into the holiday spirit.

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5 Best Makeup Palettes

5 Best Makeup Palettes - Makeup Palettes You NEED // ew & pt
Confession: I used to be an avid makeup palette hater. That’s right, a makeup palette hater. I always ended up with palettes where I’d use a few colors and ignore the rest or have palettes that had a few nice colors and the rest of the colors were crap. Recently I’ve come across a few makeup palettes that have changed my mind. I’m talking the best makeup palettes over here.

If you’re going to spend a good chunk of change (or even under $5), you still want a great deal. You want colors you’ll actually be able to use and get your money’s worth out of, right? Without further ado here are five of the best makeup palettes that every girl should have in her beauty arsenal.

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