How to Discover Your Style in College

How to Discover Your Style in College - Discovering Your Style in College - College Fashion //ew & pt

I hate that question, “How would you describe your style?” No one’s ever asked me it (besides quizzes from BuzzFeed and Seventeen magazine), but it always throws me off. Um…stuff I like? A lot of black? Comfortable clothes but also clothes that aren’t comfortable? For the most part, I know my style and I know that discovering your style in college isn’t always easy. Personally, I don’t think style can be summed up in just a few words. It’s a journey.

Hell, going into freshman year I had bought so many things I’d always wanted to wear and never did. I was all “Hey! I’m going to redefine my style entirely!” buuuut I ended up wearing almost the same things I always wore. Not because I wasn’t confident enough to wear the new things, just because I’d realized that what I liked wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to wear. I’m a senior now and I know better. My style is more flushed out. Without further ado, here’s how to really hone in on your style while in college (or even after).

Pssst…While on your journey to discover your style, definitely take note of my post How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wardrobe. Pinterest is pretty handy while trying to discover your style in college.

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7 Surprising Ways to Do Better in School

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7 Surprising Ways to Do Better in School // eyeliner wings & pretty things

In terms of academics, there are a lot of ways to do better in school. Obviously, studying can help, but I’m talking about the ways you might not think of. Especially ways that don’t necessarily mean spending more time reading textbooks or staring at flashcards.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect College Kitchen

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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Kitchen in College - What You Need For A Kitchen in College // ew & pt

Though this area of college housing is often overlooked, it’s one of the most important ones. Sophomore year my dorm kitchen was the hot spot for all of my best studying and productive moments. Junior year the dorm kitchen was always full of life and it was the hotspot for socializing. Plus, sometimes we even cooked in there. I also may or may not have set some food on fire in there but that’s beside the point.

The perfect dorm kitchen can be achieved when you know the right items and the right systems to bring to the table.

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How to Survive Living With Multiple Roommates

Survive Living With Multiple Roommates - Tips for Living with Roommates // ew & pt

Throughout college, I’ve gone from one roommate to multiple roommates. By multiple, I’m talking 6-8 of us in one house. After freshman year, most of the housing situations are living with a house full of people. It’s super intimidating. Plus, I went in with only one or two friends, meaning I lived with a handful of random girls. That sounds even scarier, but I ended up making a lot of friends!Although living with that many girls seems like a nightmare, it was an overall good experience. There were always ups and downs and major pet peeves, but I’m going to impart some real wisdom for living with a lot of housemates.

Whether you’re living with friends or not, I promise you’ll want to punch everyone in the house at some point. Confined spaces and a bunch of girls who are all stressed about college can be dangerous. I also promise that other nights you’ll be on cloud nine. There were always ups and downs and major pet peeves, but I’m going to impart some real wisdom and some handy tips for living with a lot of housemates.

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