50 Ideas for Gifts that are Experiences

50 Ideas for Gifts that are Experiences - Experience Gift Ideas
Gifts that are experiences can be some of the best gifts. You’re giving memories! They’re also the perfect gift for people who you don’t know what to get them. If gift giving has you stumped or you’re looking to really up the ante this year, these experience gift ideas are sure to give you some inspiration.

For almost all of these, with the exception of locations only located in major cities, you’ll have to do a bit of your own digging for your local area. And, by digging, I mean literally checking out Google or TripAdvisor.

Really, once you’ve got a bangin’ idea (see below), it’s not that hard to find somewhere close by that can offer you what you’d like. Also, when you’re booking something major or a reservation or tickets that cannot be changed, tell the person to block off the date (and make sure they’re free) before purchasing whatever it is! Major tip.  Read More →

I’m 21! 21 Lessons Learned in 21 Years + What I’m Looking Forward to


When I turned 19, I made a bunch of “Things to do before 20” post and when I turned 20, I followed up on that post but didn’t make new goals. You know, it’s fine. Though I don’t have any goals, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in the past year. I’ve made so many strong connections with friends and professors. I’ve been getting grades I’m proud of and fixing my resume. I killed my final senior presentation…

This is my last birthday in college and it’s one of the last few “big” birthdays. Twenty-one! I can legally drink now, weee-ooo. I was a bit stumped for post ideas and so I decided to make a video and half of a blog post. I find that I’m particularly introspective and interesting when I’m talking about life lessons versus writing about them. Hopefully, they’ll be helpful to you, too.

And now, here are some things I’m looking forward to now that I’m twenty-one. Although not all of these are related to being twenty-one, a lot of them are just coming up soon!

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Defining the Relationship: Myths, Tips & Advice

Defining the Relationship: Myths, Tips & Advice / DTR
When it comes to relationships, whether it be friendship or romance, I am very much to the point. If I like you, you’ll know. I’m not above saying “You’re amazing! Are we friends now? We’re friends now. I love how we just clicked so well” or “Look, I like you, but I don’t want to be in a relationship with you.” In fact, a few dates in with my current boyfriend (then, not boyfriend) I decided I seriously liked him. But, we were both heading back to college in a few weeks and this meant I had to define the relationship *dunn dun dunnnn* or risk potentially being on the wrong page and not trying something I know might work.

So, we were in his basement, and I said, “Look. I actually really like you. I don’t know where you stand, but I’d really like to see where this goes. Would you want to be exclusive or something?” and, whaddayaknow! He said he felt the same, he would love that and he was really glad I’d brought it up because he was too nervous to do so. Then, a few months later he defined the relationship by officially asking me to be his girlfriend. He did this in a semi-grand gesture, whereas that same night I was planning to bring it up and have another DTR talk. Perfect timing on his part.

Anyway, defining the relationships can give you plenty of clarity and help you have a bit more certainty. Personally, I cannot stand not knowing where I stand with someone else. Here are some myths, tips and advice for defining the relationship!

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How Knowing your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Can Help you In College

How Knowing your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Can Help you In College
Some people live and die by Meyers-Briggs (MBTI), but personally, I just find it to be interesting. I also find it to be fairly accurate. Though you can write it off as just another slightly more scientific personality quiz, you can also use it to improve your habits in college. My type is an ESTJ and I find that it fits me very well. I’ve also taken this test so many times to the point where I can recite some of the questions and to the point where I’m fairly certain ESTJ is, in fact, my type.

I’m not a scientist or an expert by any means, but I’ve looked into the Meyers-Briggs personality types quite a bit and I’ve applied it to college. If you’re looking for some super deep insights and historical background on the test, this isn’t the place. But if you want to apply your type to college, you’re in the right spot.

Here are some ways knowing your Meyers-Briggs type can help you in college. Here’s the 16 Personalities MBTI test if you’ve never taken it!

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