The 12 Worst YA Novel Cliches

12 worst ya novel cliches

I don’t post about books very often…or ever but I am an avid reader. I used to read 2-3 young adult novels at any given time and now I find myself reading memoirs and self-help books with the occasional YA novel mixed in. I don’t know if it’s because I’m now 19 and just on the cusp of exiting the main young adult demographic or if I’ve become more of a jerk these days, but I’ve had a lot of qualms about the young adult novels I’ve been reading recently.

Let me elaborate. Now, I typically don’t post book reviews or anything about books on here but my jimmies have been so rustled by YA novels lately that I’ve decided to write about the worst YA novel cliches. In case you’re curious as to which novel sparked this outrage, it was The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder. You can read my scathing review complete with horrific quotes from the novel HERE.

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The Ultimate Guide to Being Money Smart In College

The Ultimate Guide to Being Money Smart In College // eyeliner wings & pretty things

Okay, here’s a riddle for you: What’s valuable and great to have but hard to keep? If you guessed me, you’re correct. Kidding (sort of), I’m talking about paper, moolah, funds…I totally Googled “slang terms for money” and one of them that came up was “dead presidents” which seems a little dark. Does anyone actually use that term? “Yo, man, I made so many dead presidents from working overtime!”

I’m done trying to be cool now. This post is all about being money smart in college. It’s really easy to be careless in college when it comes to things like doing laundry, eating properly or skipping class but none of those things are quite as serious as learning to be smart with your money!

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning & Note Taking in College

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning & Note Taking in College / ew & pt

In the past I have done a Guide To Staying Organized In College post, that is true, but this post is more centered around the paper parts of that, if that makes sense. This whole post focuses on a ton of tips for planning and note taking in college.

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12 Signs You Should Quit

12 Signs You Should Quit // ew & pt
When I was younger I used to quit everything. I quit dance, gymnastics and the works. Now that I’ve gotten older I find myself sticking to things I know I shouldn’t and finding it so difficult to quit things even when I know they’re causing me more stress than they are benefits. Sometimes it’s okay to be a little bit selfish and it’s okay to quit.

Again, major disclaimer, don’t use a blog post as a sole factor in making any major life decisions. Use this as something to bounce your thoughts around. Consider some of the signs you should quit something but also take into account personal factors that I couldn’t possibly consider for you.

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