Tips for Planning The Perfect Summer Picnic

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Tips for Planning The Perfect Summer Picnic - How to Plan A Picnic - ew & pt 
Sometimes I see things on television and think it’d be so awesome to recreate them in real life. Besides eating lunch on the steps of The Met a la Blair Waldorf, I’ve always wanted to have a fabulous picnic. I’ve fantasized about having fabulous picnics in the park that are filled with sunshine, aesthetically pleasing watermelon slices and the picturesque tossing of frisbees. Sadly, the sun doesn’t like me very much, I hate watermelon and I suck at throwing frisbees and am scared of getting hit by them. I’m also terrified of bugs and, you know, bugs live outside and tend to gather near food.

As I thought about it more, I realized all of my dislikes and fears don’t need to kill my picnic fantasy. All I need is a shady spot, different foods and some alternative forms of entertainment. I don’t have a solution to the fear of bugs situation, but I’ve come to terms with occasionally sprinting away from bees and butterflies throughout the duration of the picnic. Anyway. These tips for planning the perfect summer picnic will help you create your perfect day in the sunshine (or shade). Plus, if you master them, you can have picnics with friends, families or even significant others whenever you so choose.

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Tips for Moving Out of Your College Dorm

Tips for Moving Out of Your College Dorm - Moving out of College // ew & pt

Moving out of your college dorm is one of the most stressful and time-consuming processes. You’re basically taking a year’s worth of belongings and junk and attempting to cram them into boxes and load them into your car while also maintaining sanity (and covering up anything you may or may not have damaged).

This day doesn’t have to result in a disaster and by planning ahead and staying organized, you can make moving out of your college dorm a very okay experience. Note I said “very okay.” It’s never going to be a good experience, I’m being honest with you, friends.

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How to Thrive During Finals Week

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How to Thrive During Finals Week - College Finals Guide // ew & pt

A lot of posts are all about surviving during finals week, but this soo isn’t Darwinism. Finals week is about thriving and being your best, most academic and learnèd self. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had a finals week meltdown at some point whether it be throwing flashcards out of a window (and then picking them up because you actually REALLY needed them) or even full on crying under a table (even though you don’t know why you’re under a table). That’s okay. Really, I understand.

This finals week, though, you’re going to THRIVE. You’re going to be a beautiful, blossoming flower. You will not only ace your finals but also maintain your happiness and sanity levels as much as possible.

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2 year blogaversary + my favorite posts

blogaversary 2 years

I don’t normally post things like this and I hate when people start posts by saying “I don’t normally post things like this” but, alas, here I am. Two years! I started this blog two years ago. I was sitting on the couch in my living room, a few days in at my very first NYC internship and I decided to start a blog…

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