10 Cures for Boredom For Millennials

cures for boredom for millennials - things to do when you're bored // eyeliner wings & pretty things

It feels like the older you get the harder it is to resolve those “I’m bored!” feelings. When you’re bored as a child you can literally just find a big stick and be entertained for hours. Does anyone else vividly remember the childhood feeling of excitement you had when you found a really big stick in the park? Mom would never let you take it home and you’d have to throw it back on the sidewalk for another kid to pick up, but it was thrilling. I digress. Honestly, if I found a big stick now I’d probably wrap it in yarn, paint it and turn it into some ~Tumblr style~ decor.

Sometimes you might not even realize you’re bored when you can spend your bouts of boredom scrolling on social media for hours until there’s literally nothing new on any of them. When I’m in a pit of boredom I go from Instagram to Snapchat to Facebook to Pinterest to Tumblr and then back around until I realize I need to actually do something besides give myself FOMO. Here are some cures for boredom for millennials to help you feel a little more entertained and possibly even productive.

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London Travel Guide: My Trip, Travel Tips & Favorite Places to Visit

London Travel Guide: My Trip, Travel Tips & Favorite Places to Visit - things to do in london for millennials

Finally, I can say I’ve checked off a major item on my bucket list. I finally went to London! I’m not going to turn into one of those “Being abroad changed my LIFE! London has a piece of my heart!” people, but I will say it was a really cool place, I had a really fun time and I’d like to go back.

Through a school abroad program, I spent the past two weeks in London and other areas of the United Kingdom and they were absolutely amazing. Due to the terrible attacks in Borough Market and the London Bridge, my trip ended up not returning to London for the second week. Scarily, Borough Market and London Bridge were the two places I had been just a few hours before the attacks. What happened was awful and though myself and the other students on my trip wished to stay in London, our trip continued to Stratford-upon-Avon and was diverted to Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Portsmouth. All of these places were beautiful and I’m happy I got to experience them, and I hope to return to London someday. Even if I don’t, I still got to see and experience a lot of things. Here’s what I saw, did, loved and here are my tips for traveling to London (and other areas of the U.K.).

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How to Prepare For Your Senior Year of College

How to Prepare For Your Senior Year of College - Last Year of College - eyeliner wings & pretty things
I’m officially a senior in college. Yikes. It seems like just yesterday I was hanging up posters in my freshman year dorm and complaining about the lack of air conditioning. Senior year of high school was constantly filled with the pressure to make the most of everything whether it be prom or any random weekend in the year. I can only imagine senior year of college will be the same way except a million times worse because there’s not another round of schooling after (unless you’re headed to grad school or something).

While the pressure to make the most of everything is stressful, there is some good in it. I mean, we’re going to be graduating college, which, is a huge deal. While the senior year of college is undoubtedly going to be kind of sad, I have no doubt that it’ll be packed with fun memories and events. Here’s how to prepare for your senior year of college in order to ensure your year has the least stress and most fun possible. Or, at least, how you think I can and how I’ll try to. No stress is not guarunteed.

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9 Productive Things to Do While Watching TV

9 Productive Things to Do While Watching TV - Productive Things to do while watching netflix // eyeliner wings & pretty things
I am the worst at extreme multitasking. If I’m reading an article on my phone and someone tries to talk to me, I will retain nothing of what said person just told me. Sometimes when you’re watching your shows it’s easy to curl up in a blob underneath a pile of blankets and feel overly unproductive. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, there are plenty of productive things to do while watching TV or Netflix or your streaming service of choice.

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