The Ultimate Guide to Being Social in College

The Ultimate Guide to Being Social in College - How to Be Social in College- How to be Extroverted in College - Making Friends in College // ew & pt

I still remember the summer before freshman year. I spent most of it up Pinterest’s ass, inhaling every piece of information I could find about making friends, decorating my dorm and overall being a fantastic collegiate. One of the things I was most focused on, however, was being social in college. I wanted to go from a somewhat friendly, sociable person to a goddamn social butterfly with big, obnoxious wings. I hate butterflies and they scare me, but they composed my biggest college goal.

While I’m far from being a top tier socialite, I consider myself social and friendly on campus. Here are some tips and advice for being social in college. While I don’t always follow them, I always say on the blog that I give way better advice than I take. So, friends, take my advice. Take it with plenty of salt, maybe even that pink Himalayan boujee salt that everyone on Insta loves. Here we go.

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6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Yourself In College & How to Stop

6 Ways You're Sabotaging Yourself In College & How to Stop - Improve College Life // ew & pt

Ahh, self-sabotage. We all do it. We all hate that we do it. We continue to do it. It’s an endless cycle and it’s among many endless, terrible cycles we have throughout college. Self-sabotage is inevitable. Sometimes you just need to eat a hot pocket at two in the morning while writing an essay that’s due in six hours. That being said, if you’re more aware of how you’re sabotaging yourself and you know of ways to stop doing so, it can help you down the line.

I created a 10 Ways You’re Sabotaging Yourself + How To Stop post a few weeks ago and decided to make a college edition. So, my fellow college students, here are some ways you’re sabotaging yourself in college and how to stop.

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Seasonal Beauty Hacks

5 seasonal beauty hacks
Each season brings its own unique set of beauty problems. The winter wind causes some seriously bad hair days, the summer sun causes sunburn and even spring brings plenty of allergies. With that being said, with each season comes a set of seasonal beauty hacks to help you conquer all of your beauty dilemmas!

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13 Ways to Live Smarter This Year

13 Ways to Live Smarter This Year - How To Live A Better Life // eyeliner wings & pretty things

Living smarter sounds a lot more difficult than it really is. In fact, little changes can make a huge difference. We may not always make good decisions but if we make a few smart decisions, they can balance out the bad ones (ie: going to the gym but then also eating pancakes at 2 A.M.).

These tips for living smarter may not change your life, but they’ll definitely make it a lot easier.

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